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Maker of medieval armor, suits of armor, art metal jewelry for those for whom beauty is a primary concern.

1430 Medieval English Armor from the time of Henry V and Joan of Arc

1430 English Armour

15th Century Medieval Italian Milanese Armor

15th Century Italian ('Milanese')

Elizabethan Armor

16th Century Armour

German Gothic Medieval Armor Late 15th c.

German Gothic Late 15th c.

Medieval Great Helm Late Crusader c. 1300

Great Helm 14th c.

Architectural Church Sacred Sculpture

Architectural Sculpture

Sterling Silver Jewelry Gauntlet and Earrings


Fantasy Medieval Armor Helmet

Fantasy Medieval Armour


Before I became a full time arms and armour restorer, I specialized in the design and fabrication of custom medieval and Renaissance armour, specifically full plate armour (I don't make 'chainmail', though I do some repairs on real mail, and know where to get mail). As you can see from the photos above, I've made armour in the English, German, Spanish and Italian styles, of the sort worn by knights and men-at-arms. I have done some film work. When it comes to fantasy armour, my experience is that it still has to conform to the unchanging ergonomics of the human body. I've provided photos and information on this site as a sampling of the armour I've created, as well as some of the other metalsmith projects I've completed. I've had hands-on experience with some of the world's most valuable armour, and my personal medieval armour designs reflect this experience.

You can read more about me and even contact me here. I hope you enjoy the site.


James Arlen Gillaspie


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